How it works

Easy as one two three!

Easy setup

Only three steps: Connect with Strava, receive calendar link, add to your calendar

Easy integration

StravICAL works great with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal.

Easy overview

See all your activities in your daily calendar.

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How it works

StravICAL uses the Strava API to query your public data. After your authorization we will read your public runs or rides. We then generate an iCal file and host it on our server. We never store any data for other purposes than generating your iCal feed.
You will then receive a link to your iCal file. You can use this link to display your Strava activities in your favorite calendar application like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal.

Integration in Google Calendar

Are you using Google Calendar together with your family? See everyone's runs at a glance. Or always have your ride history available on your Android phone or iPhone.

Integration in Apple iCal

Scheduling your work tasks in Apple iCal? See how your rides fit in your business schedule.

Get started!

This will take you to the Strava website. Once you allow StravICAL to get readonly access to your data, you will be redirected to our page and receive a link to your iCal Feed.